A Trichodiadema densum in my collection

     Found in South Africa, Trichodiadema is a genus of branching bristly Mesembs with tuberous roots. The only species I have is Trichodiadema densum, probably the most popular, so that's the one we'll discuss here.
     Trichodiadema densum is a mat forming plant with roughly triangular, fleshy, bristle tipped leaves and a tuberous root system. The root system can be raised for a "Bonsai" effect, something I'm trying out with the one above. Click HERE for a link to a page from Israel Fichmans' site of one well grown. Israel is a wonderfull photographer who inspired me with his black background shots. Store bought plants are usually flush to the ground with several seedlings in a pot and probably look more like they are found in nature. The bristles are somewhat brittle and not very sharp, so it's a fairly safe plant to handle.
      Like other Mesembs it produces a large daisy like flower, in this case, purplish pink and about 2 inches around. They flowered for mw in late February.

February flowers

A closeup

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