Titanopsis calcarea

     Titanopsis is another genus of Mesembs from South Africa, closely related to Aloinopsis. The daisy like flowers are very similar along with the growth habit. Flower color ranges from yellow to orange. Titanopsis form low rosettes of interestingly colored and textured succulent leaves. Over time they form small colonies. Titanopsis calcarea is probably the most popular species in cultivation and I think, the prettiest.
     Since they are winter growers they need to be watered carefully and kept warm during their growing season. The potting mix should be mineral based and drain quickly. The rest of the year they should be kept cool and dry. Only water when the leaves start to shrivel.
     First time I saw a picture of one of these I fell in love with the plant. I lost the first one of these I tried to grow, I think I bought it at the wrong time of year. It was sent to me bare root and I just could not get it to root. It finally succumbed to rot. I did better with a potfull I got from Miles2Go. It was fall and the start of their growing season. I divided them up, there were 3 in the pot, and all but the littlest one did well. No flowers though. Hopefully next winter.

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