A Sedum adolphii
in my collection

     Sedum is a large genus of succulent leaved shrubs and groundcovers mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere of both the Old and New Worlds. Popular garden plants collectively called "Stone Crops". They can add color and texture to any garden, provided you pick the right ones for your zone. Some are very cold hardy but can't take heat and then others can't take any cold. Most put out nice displays of clusters of tiny flowers. Others are grown for their atrractive foliage.
     I don't do well with most sedums though I like the plants, I think it's too hot and dry here. My "Burros Tails" always lose most of their leaves and look awfull by winter, though they do come back somewhat in the greenhouse and may look OK for awhile in spring. I don't have even one thats very photogenic right now :-( The only species I do seem to have some luck with is the Sedum adolphii above. Since it's the only Sedum I have right now worth sharing a picture of we'll talk about it right here.
     Sedum adolphii, known as "Golden Sedum" is a sprawling fast growing plant from Mexico. It works well in hanging pots as it will eventually spill over the sides and trail down. It also works well as an accent plant in a container garden. Given sufficient light Sedum adolphii turns a pretty golden color, but turns lime green in poor light. It grows easily from leaf and stem cuttings, but I find stem cuttings much easier.

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