Pseudolithos cubiformis

"Cubie", when he was looking good

     Pseudolithos cubiformis is an odd Stapeliad found in Somalia, Oman and Yemen. The stems look like they're carved out of rock hence the Greek "pseudo" (false) and "lithos" (stone). P. cubiformis is named for its 4 sided shape. That's more evident in the lower picture which was taken at a Central Arizona Cacti and Succulent Society show in Phoenix. I'm not sure how big they can get, but the one in the picture is in a 4" pot. This species has the largest flowers in the genus and flower colors vary from white to red or reddish brown. The picture below doesn't do them justice. Click here for a link to a German page that has beautiful pics of the white flowered variety. They are truly awesome!

In Memorium
Oct. 2005 - Mar. 2006

Alas poor "Cubie" didn't make it :-(

     I'm not in the habit of naming my plants but "Cubie" just seemed perfect for this one. I got the small seedling above from Miles2Go in fall and babied it through the winter under a skylight in my dining room. Pseudolithos are notoriously rot prone so I watered it just enough and it even grew a little and turned bright green. Once it got warmer its growth seemed to pick up so I watered a little more often. That was all she wrote. Literally overnight it turned to mush. Too bad, guess I'll just have to get another one when I see Miles again.