The velvety crinkled leaves of
Pachypodium namaquanum

     Native to Madagascar and parts of Africa, Pachypodium is a genus of 15 to 20 spiny deciduous succulents with water storing trunks. They can be small branching shrubs or tree like in habit and up to 20 feet high. Unlike most spiny plants the Pachypodiums spines serve a purpose other than defense. They allow the plant to capture some moisture from fogs and dews. In times of drought in winter, Pachypodiums drop their leaves and go dormant. But when conditions improve or spring arrives, they quickly leaf out again. The flowers are usually white and only appear on mature plants.
     Pachypodiums are fast growers and appreciate regular watering during the growing season. But as with all succulents, they should be grown in fast draining soil. In late fall when they drop their leaves and go dormant far less water is needed. Pachypodiums can be raised from seeds or cuttings and offsets.

I have three species of Pachypodium
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