A Monadenium "Tanzania" in my collection
flowering in late winter

     Monadenium is a genus of 50 or so stem succulents native to a wide range of Africa. They are closely related to Euphorbias, some of which they resemble. The largest difference being the flower structure. Monadeniums range from small plants just a few inches high to large branching tree like forms. Most have succulent stems with decidous semi-succulent leaves arising from a large tuberous root. Some have stems that are noticeably tuberculed and can have spines of a sort surrounding the scar where a leaf used to be. The leaves appear at the tubercule tips and flower bracts from between tubercules. Other varieties lack the noticeable tubercule and instead have branching pencil thick stems that can be interestingly textured and colored.
     Monadeniums are easy to grow in any well draining mix. They appreciate being watered and fed in spring and summer and can be fast growers. They also appreciate good light but can be grown in light shade. Often the leaves and stems take on a reddish color in bright light. As with other similar plants the watering should be less in winter as some can be rot prone. I couldn't find any information as to when they normally flower. The few species I have seem to flower in winter and early spring before the plants leaf out again. So far I've had good luck with rooting cuttings of M. ritchie and M. gilletii but suspect my Monadenium "Tanzania" can only be grown from seed. It's shown no signs of offsets or branching.

I have a few species of Monadenium
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Monadenium "Tanzania"

Monadenium ritchiei

Monadenium gilletii

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