A Huernia thuretii in my collection

     Huernia is a genus of 60 or so Stapeliads from Africa and the Arabian peninsula. They vary greatly in appearance from short squat stems to longer thin ones. All are toothed to some degree and can turn beautiful shades of red or purple in strong light. Huernias, like other Stapeliads produce 5 lobed flowers with a fetid scent. They are fairly small, usually no more than an inch across, and some are quite beautiful. They usually come in red yellow or tan sometimes with an interesting pattern of spots or stripes. Several have a raised donut like structure in the center giving them the common name "Lifesaver Plant".
     Huernias are fairly easy to grow though somewhat prone to rot. They should be grown in a very well draining mix and watered moderately while growing. In winter only water enough to keep the stems from shrivelling. Propagation is easy from cuttings or dividing clumps.

I have several species of Huernia
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Huernia brevirostris

Huernia thuretii

Huernia schneideriana

Huernia insigniflora

Huernia kennedyana

Huernia zebrina

Huernia recondita

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