A Gasteraloe "Green Ghost"
in my collection

     Gasteraloes are hybrids between Gasterias and Aloes. This produces plants with very interesting colors and markings. The flowers are interesting too. I couldn't find any information on natural hybridization but know that many hybrids are artificially developed by various growers. The one above is probably my favorite. Beleive it or not I found it at Home Depot, and of course there was only one. The Gasteraloe "Green Ice" below is very similar, the leaves are more strap shaped with rounded tips. The Gasteraloe "Lily" I wouldn't have even thought was a Gasteraloe except that it has toothed leaves like some Aloes and the markings and hard leaves like a Gasteria. My "Warthog" was a lucky Home Depot find. And then there's the pair of variegated Gasteraloes. These might also be Warthogs but I'm not sure.

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Gasteraloe "Green Ice"

Gasteraloe "Lily"

Gasteraloe "Lily" flower

Gasteraloe "Warthog"

Gasteraloe unknown

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