A faucaria tigrina in my collection

     Faucaria is a genus of 6 species of Mesemb native to South Africa. They are collectively called "Tiger Jaws" because of the toothy look of the leaves. The low growing rosettes spread and eventually produce a dense mat of foliage with yellow daisy like flowers that are produced in winter.
     Faucarias are some of the easiest Mesembs to grow. Any good cacti and succulent mix will do. They appreciate full sun to part shade depending on the climate. They mainly grow from fall through spring, during the hot summer months they go dormant. Most of the time they appreciate a fair amount of water, they will shrivel noticeably when in need. Care should be taken watering in winter and when they are dormant in summer. Only water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling at these times. They can be propagated by leaves and offsets, though I've found the offsets difficult to root.

I have two species of Faucaria
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Faucaria felina
ssp. tuberculosa


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