A Crassula "Camp Fire" in my collection

    Crassula is a large Genus with representatives throughout the world, but those most common in cultivation come mainly from Africa and Madagascar. Crassulas are characterised by thick, often colorful succulent leaves that grow in a spiral or opposite each other around a central stem and/or branches. In some species the leaves form a loose rosette and others a tight and compact arrangement. Crassulas come in all sizes from compact plants only a few inches high to shrubs several feet high. Most produce stalks of tiny but sometimes colorfull flowers.
    Most Crassulas are easy to grow in standard cacti and succulent mix and can be watered plentifully in summer. But care should be taken with winter watering. It is best to water only when some shriveling is noticed. Crassulas come from warm parts of the world and are frost sensitive. They can be grown outside only where temps stay above 45 or 50 degrees in winter. In colder climes they are best kept indoors or greenhoused over winter.
    Most Crassulas are easily propagated from leaf and stem cuttings.

I have several varieties of Crassulas
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Crassula muscosa
'Watch Chain'

"Camp Fire"

Crassula arborescens
"Silver Dollar Jade"

Crassula ovata
"Jade Plant"



Crassula ausensis
ssp. titanopsis



Crassula falcata
"Propeller Plant"
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