Caralluma acutangula at Tanque Verde Nursery

     Caralluma is a genus of Stapeliad with a widespread distribution in the wild. They are found in Africa, the Canary Islands, India, Arabia, southern Europe, Ceylon, and Afghanistan. There are over a hundred species. Like other Stapeliads they have soft succulent stems bearing harmless teeth. Flowers have the typical 5 petaled shape and come in every color in the rainbow and fantastic forms and patterns. They appear from spring to fall. Click here to go to a page by Dr. Gerald S. Barad with some gorgeous pics of Caralluma flowers. Stems are often beautifully colored and mottled in interesting patterns so the plants are interesting even when not in flower.
     Like other Stapeliads, Carallumas are prone to rot and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. The soil should be fast draining. In winter they should only be watered enough to prevent the stems from shrivelling. They can be propagated from seeds, cuttings or division.

I have three Carallumas in my collection. Click the pics below.

Caralluma acutangula

Caralluma hesperidum

Caralluma schweinfurthii
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