Baynesia lophophora

     ;Found only in the Northwest of Namibia, Baynesia lophophora is a fairly new monotypic genus of Stapeliad. It is named for the the Baynes Mountains where it is found. It is apparently related to Caralluma and Pseudolithos, the new Genus having features of each. Its flowers are pendant and very small, little more than a 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch across. It made the flower picture somewhat difficult to capture.
     ;I've only had the plant for a few weeks and it's put on considerable growth and continued to flower. It's lost some of the color so I assume it can handle more light. I'm growing it in dappled shade and watering it twice a week. A word of caution for those living in other climates. It's very hot and dry here so less water would be advised in a more humid environment. As with other succulents, I think it's safe to assume a fast draining cacti/succulent mix is preferable to standard potting soil.

A closeup of
the tiny flower

Considerable growth after
only a few weeks
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