Aloinopsis is a genus of Mesembs from South Africa. They are closely related to Titanopsis. Like all Mesembs they get daisy like flowers in winter and flower colors vary from species to species. All have a large tuberous root system which can be raised for effect, in fact they'll grow more profusely when raised. They are typically considered winter growers but will grow through the year if watered. Howhever they will only flower in winter. One should be carefull with watering at all times and a good draining mix is essential. They are prone to rot. They are propagated by seed.
     I never had much luck with these till I put up my greenhouse. Only two of the 5 species I have failed to flower and all grew quite a bit. Still I lost a couple of the A. schoonesii's, not to rot but to spider mites. They are something to watch out for.

I have several species of Aloinopsis
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Aloinopsis rosulata

Aloinopsis rubrolineata

Aloinopsis schoonesii

Aloinopsis malherbei

Aloinopsis villetii

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