Aenomium "Schwartzkopf"

     Aeonium is a genus of 35 or so rosette forming succulents from northern Africa and nearby islands. Normally the leaves are waxy and some have fuzzy edges. Often the leaves can have attractive variegations and colors. With most as the plants grow, older leaves die and drop off, eventually leaving a tall naked stem. If the plant gets too leggy you can cut and re-root the rosettes. The stump should produce new rosettes that can also be used for propagation. Some produce solitary rosettes and can only be propagated by seed. Others branch and produce multiple rosettes. Flower stalks grow from the center of the rosette with clusters of yellow, white, pink or red flowers. The rosette dies after flowering. In the case of solitary species the whole plant dies.
     Aeoinums can be grown in any good commercial cacti and succulent soil. They can be watered plentifully in summer but should be kept drier in winter. Water just enough to prevent the leaves from shriveling and dropping off. Some leaf loss in winter is normal.
     I hadn't had much luck with these plants before, I realize now that I wasn't watering enough during our hot dry summers. Still some do better than others. The Aeonium "Schwartzkopf' above is about the only one that really does well for me. The rest suffer from brown spots and leaf loss and I've lost a few to stem rot.

I have several species of Aeonium
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Aeonium arboreum

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