Adromischus cooperi
"Plover Eggs"

     Adromischus is a genus of 30 or so leaf succulents native to South Africa. Because of their range of leaf shapes, colors and patterns and compact size they are very collectable plants. The flowers, unfortunately, are small and insignificant so they are collected more for the interesting foliage. In a warm climate like mine, especially if greenhoused in winter, Adromischus will grow nearly year round. But winter growth may be somewhat stunted so it's best to water only sparingly at this time. New growth in spring will be more vigorous with a winter rest.
     Adromischus will grow well in any commercial cacti and succulent mix. They appreciate a little more water than some succulents so no additional perlite or gravel should be needed. Adromischus are easily propagated from seeds or leaf and stem cuttings.
     These are interesting plants and I'm thinkiing of trying to grow some in the shadier areas of my garden. I think they'll make pretty filler plants for some of the bare spots. I have to be carefull to give them just enough light however. the colors fade when light is too poor. For instance the darker areas of the plant above should be more purple and the rest of the leaf would have a pinkish hue.

I have a few species of Adromischus
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Adromischus cooperi

Adromischus maculatus

Adromischus cristatus

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