Native to the low deserts of Argentina, Tephrocactus is a genus closely related to Opuntia and often included in it. Only six species are recognized. Tephrocactus are characterized by oval jointed segments and can be heavily spined or nearly spineless. The flowers are usally white. Only a few are common in cultivation, the most recognized being two varieties of T. articulatus, T. articulatus var. articulatas and T. articulatus var. papyracanthus.
     Tephrocactus are not difficult to grow but like regular water in the summer. They can be rot prone however and require a quick draining mix. In winter water only enough to keep the stems from shrivelling. They are easily propagated from stem segments, though they root slowly. They are also very fragile, as the segments break off easily.

I have four species of Tephrocactus
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Tephrocactus articulatus
var. papyracanthus

Tephrocactus articulatus
var. diadematus

Tephrocactus weberi
var. deminuta

Tephrocactus alexanderi
var. alexanderi

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