Stenocereus pruinosus

     Ranging over an area of southern Arizona, the Baja Peninsula and northern Mexico, Stenocereus is a genus of slow growing columnar cacti. Some become very large groups of tall columns such as Stenocereus thurberi, the "Organ Pipe Cactus". Some are tree like in form such as Stenocereus griseus which can get to 30 feet in height. Yet others are prostrate and seem to creep along the ground, for instance Stenocereus eruca, known as the "Creeping Devil". Others are thin stemmed and shrubby. Their flowers are medium to large, nocturnal and usually white like a lot of other Ceroids. All have edible fruit, in fact some are cultivated for it.
     Some Stenocereus make handsome landscape plants and can be grown easily in the ground. Most of the larger species thrive on sun and water during our hot summers. Some do better in part shade. In pots any good cacti mix will do for the smaller varieties. They are easily propagated from stem cuttings, seeds take a long time.

I have a few species
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Stenocereus thurberi
"Organ Pipe"

Stenocereus pruinosus
"Grey Ghost"

Stenocereus eruca
"Creeping Devil"


Stenocereus alamosensis
"Octopus Cactus"
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