A Sclerocactus uncinatus in my collection

    Sclerocactus is a genus of low growing generally solitary globular cactus widespread throughout the western United States and northern Mexico. Some are known as fish hook cactus because of their hooked spines and some produce brightly colored flowers. Many are considered endangered because of over collecting in the wild.
    I have just one species of Sclerocactus so untill I've added more I won't create a seperate page for it. Sclerocactus uncinatus, known as the "Chihuahuan Fishhook Cactus" is native to New Mexico, Texas and parts of Northern Mexico. It is globular at first eventually becoming columnar, and grows to 3 inches around and 8 inches high. Reddish brown flowers appear in mid summer. I also got a Sclerocactus uncinatus ssp. wrightii. It mainly differs from it's cousin Sclerocactus uncinatus ssp. uncinatus in sporting 3 inch long flexible hooked central spines. Flowers appear in spring.
     This one came from B&B and I recognised it's resemblance to S. uncinatus immediately. I love the spines. It finally flowered for me in March.

in March
A view
from the top
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