A Pachycereus pringlei that
goes in the garden this year

    Native to the southern U.S. and Mexico, Pachycereus is a genus of 12 large columnar cacti. Some form solitary stems and others branch and become tree like. This genus has some of the largest cacti in the world. Pachycereus pringlei for example can grow to a height of 70 feet and 5 feet around. Once mature (6-15 years) Pachycereus produce nocturnal white flowers at the sides of stems near the tips.
    Pachycereus will grow well in any well draining cacti mix. They need full sun to grow well and flower. Like most other cacti they can be watered regularly in the hot summer months but should be kept drier in winter. Pachycereus can be grown from seeds or cuttings, but with some species (especially the larger ones) cuttings can be difficult to root.

I have three species
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Pachycereus pringlei

Pachycereus schotti

Pachycereus schotti
monstrosa "Totem Pole"

Pachycereus marginatus
"Mexican Fence Post"
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