My Oroya peruviana

    Found in the mountains of Peru at high elevations, Oroya is a genus of 2 species of globular cacti that get columnar with age. The genus is named after La Oroya, a village in Peru. Since I only have one and doubt I'll be lucky enough to get the other, I won't create a seperate page for it. We'll just discuss both species here. They are quite similar.
    Oroya peruviana is a bright green coppery gold spined cacti that can get up to 12 inches high and 8 inches around. It is generally solitary and usually raised from seed, though I did come across a picture of one covered in offsets. In early summer it produces pink and yellow flowers that look very similar to Eriosyce flowers. Oroya borchersii is very similar but smaller. It only gets to about 8 inches high and produces yellow flowers.
    This one will most likely go in the ground along with another that was wrongly labeled Rebutia. I'm almost positive they are both Oroya. The spination is identical, though not as brightly colored as this one.

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