My Oreocereus trolli

    Found in the mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, Oreocereus is a genus of 11 species of beautiful slow growing columnar cacti. The name is derived from the Greek for "Mountain Cereus". These cacti are covered in fine silky white down which protects them from the summer sun and the winter cold. Protruding from the down sharp white, gold or red spines stick out from the body as a reminder that these are not pettable cacti. Once mature, and this can take many years, red to purple flowers are produced at the stem tips.
    Oreocereus should be grown in a rich but fast draining sandy soil. Water moderately in summer and sparingly if at all in winter. They like sun and do not grow well or flower if shaded. They can be propagated from seeds or cuttings.

I have two species
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Oreocereus trolli
"Old man of the Mountain"

Oreocereus celsianus
"Old man of the Andes"
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