My Micranthocereus estevesii

    Native to Brazil, Micranthocereus consists of nine species of columnar cacti with beautiful stems and spination. A smaller columnar they don't get to be much more than six feet tall, occasionally branching from the sides of the body rather than the base. Mature plants form a cephalium on the side of the stems that faces the sun and in late winter or spring sport bunches of small tubular flowers. They are brightly colored in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and purple. They grow best in light shade to full sun. Bright light is essential for flowering.
    Cultivation of Micranthocereus is basically the same as most cacti, fast draining soil, moderate watering in summer and they must kept warm and dry in winter. They are not very cold tolerant so they are best grown as potted specimens and sheltered in winter. All species can be propagated from seed or tip cuttings.

I have one Micranthocereus
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