Mostly from Brazil, Hatiora is a genus of epiphytic cacti containing less than half a dozen species. It now includes the genera Epiphyllopsis, Hariota, Pseudozygocactus and Rhipsalidopsis. Since Hatiora salicornoides is the only commonly cultivated species, It's the one we will discuss here.
    Hatiora salicornoides "Drunkards Dream" is so called for its bottle shaped segments. A rambling cactus good for a hanging basket, it produces small yellow flowers at the stem tips between March and May. Since it's a jungle cacti it appreciates richer soil and more water than most cacti. In fact it can die quickly if allowed to get too dry and prefers a humid environement like a bathroom or kitchen. Mine is in the bathroom where it gets light from a skylight. It hasn't done much, but then I'm not very good with the jungle cacti and spring has just sprung at this time. I bought it out of curiosity more than anything else.

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