An Espostoa lanata in my collection

    From the Andes mountains of Ecuador and Peru, Espostoa is a genus of 16 slow growing columnar cacti. They are named for Peruvian botanist Nicholas Esposto. Most are clothed in wool like spines and they have earned the common name "Old Man". After one to three decades of growth Espostoa produce nocturnal, lightly colored, tubular flowers from a cephalium on the sides of the stems. These are said to be foul smelling and are followed by red berries. The berries are reported to be sweet and eaten by the locals
    Espostoas will grow in any good cacti mix but can be prone to rot. Water moderately in the summer and sparingly in winter. Espostoas, being mountain cact, are fairly cold tolerant. But they dislike the summer heat and should be shaded in the afternoon in a climate like mine.
    Espostoas can be propagated by seeds, offsets or cuttings.
    Young Espostoas can be very hard to identify, they look so similar. So in my case I'm trusting the nurseries to get it right.

Species in my collection.
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Espostoa melanostele

Espostoa ritteri

Espostoa lanata

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