An Escobaria minima in my collection

    Escobaria is a genus of 23 species of beautifully spined small cacti found from southern Canada to northern Mexico. There is even a species found in Cuba. They are related to Coryphantha and Mammillaria and like those genera have tubercules rather than ribs. They are generally small plants, the largest being only a couple inches across and no more than 10 inches high. Some are solitary but many form clumps over time. Flowers range from white to pale yellow, red, pink, or purple and sometimes have striped petals. They flower in spring or summer depending on species, sometimes producing several flowers at once from their spiny crowns. The northern varieties are also quite cold hardy.
    Escobaria are known to be rot prone and should be potted in a mineral rich mix and kept dry in winter. They can be propagated by seeds, or by offsets with the clumping varieties.

I have several Escobarias, click below.

Escobaria minima
Escobaria missouriensis
Escobaria vivipara var. rosea
Escobaria alversonii
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