One of my Eriosyce senilis getting ready to flower in early March

    With the recent inclusion of Neoporteria, Neochilenia and several other genera, Eriosyce is now a large genus of Chilean cacti. Mostly globular, some low and flattened and others growing somewhat columnar with age, they are extremely variable. The bodies of these plants are usually deep green to purple or even black in color. Some are nearly spineless, others impressively spined, and still others produce long curly spines that can range from black to white. Flowers vary between species and some species produce spectacular flowers as the page about E. senilis will show.
    Eriosyce are rot prone and should be grown in a very loose well draining mix and watered carefully while growing. A little half strength tomato fertilizer in spring can improve flowering. Keep them nearly dry in winter and only water if the plant noticeably shrivels. It's also best to water from below. Some Eriosyce offset and these offsets can be used for propagation. Others are grown from seed.

Species in my collection.
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Eriosyce crispa

Eriosyce senilis

Eriosysce occulta

Eriosyce napina

Eriosyce odieri

Eriosyce heinrichiana

Eriosyce taltalensis

Eriosyce recondita var.

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