An Epithelantha micromeris in my collection

    Epithelantha is a genus of three tiny slow growing cacti from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and northern Mexico. They are found growing in shallow sandy soil on steep hillsides and have the ability to shrivel down to the ground in times of drought making them nearly invisable. They are densely spined with short white harmless spines that vary. All species eventually offset, forming small clumps a few inches across. Tiny pink or white flowers appear from the often depressed densely spined top followed by small elongated bright red fruits.
    Rot prone, Epithelantha need to be grown in a well drained mineral based mix and watered carefully. They should only be given enough water in winter to keep them from shriveling. If they do, it is not a problem as this is their natural state at this time. In Spring they'll puff back up to their original state. A deeper than normal pot may be required to accommodate the tap root. Epithelantha like sun but should not get direct sun all day. They can be grown from seed or offsets but offsets can be difficult to root.

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Epithelantha micromeris
"Button Cactus"

Epithelantha micromeris
ssp. polycephala

Epithelantha micromeris
ssp. unguispina
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