;Native to the American Southwest and northern Mexico, Echinomastus consists of 5 to 9 species of usually solitary small globular to slightly columnar cacti. Related to Sclerocactus, most are magnificently spined and the name Echino (spiny) and mastus (breast) refers to the spiny tipped tubercules. Flower color ranges from a pale pink to greenish white or brown and some species have red or violet flowers.
    ;Cultivation of Echinomastus is basically the same as most cacti, fast draining soil, moderate watering in summer and they must kept warm and dry in winter. They are somewhat rot prone so additional grit in the mix is a good idea. They are generally propagated from seed or the occasionall offset.
The picture above of a magnificent Echinomastus unguispinus was donated by Geoff, a fellow Davesgarden.com gardening forums member. Thanks Geoff, it sure is a beauty! :-) Click HERE for a gallery of more of Geoffs pictures

I have one Echinomastus
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