My Rats Tail when new

    Found from Mexico to South America, Disocactus is an ephyphitic jungle cacti known for their showy flowers. Very similar to Ephyphylum and Rhipsalis most Disocactus are flat stemmed and relatively spineless. With the addition of Aporocactus to the genus, they now include some round stemmed fine spined members.
    Being jungle cacti, Disocacti should be grown in a rich but still well draining soil. They should be watered regularly and fertilized as well. This is essential for good growth and flowering. Disocacti dislike extreme heat and cold, so they are best greenhoused during the depth of winter and heat of summer in hot dry climates such as mine. They also prefer shade to sun, and like a little extra humidity in the air. Flowering in spring and summer the flower color varies from white, yellow red or purple depending on species.
     I only have one Diso, D. flagelliformis, the classic and popular Rats Tail. I won't create a seperate page for it as I doubt I'll be getting any other Diso's in the future. They just don't do well in my climate. Too hot and dry. I water them almost to the point of rot, keep them in the shade and still they dry up and die. I think maybe the trick is to bring them in both summer and winter as I suggested above. I've also never had one bloom for me :-(
    Update!. A Diso I had left for dead hanging in the tree outside had enough life in it to bloom on March 20th. So I gave it some water and moved it into the greenhouse. Hopefully it will come back. Maybe I can grow these things after all!

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