Browningia hertlingiana

A four foot tall Browningia hertlingiana in my collection

     Browningia is a genus of 11 species of columnars from Bolivia, Peru and Chile. The genus is named in honor of W. E. Browning, former director of the Instituto Ingles at Santiago, Chile. Some species can reach a height of 30 feet or more and the plants are tree like, branching near the top when the previously solitary stems grows large enough. All produce nocturnal flowers that vary from species to species.
     Browningia hertlingiana is found in the Mantaro Valley of Peru. It can reach a height of 25 feet or more branching at the top like other species. Flowers are reported to be white with a purple outer petals. I wouldn't know I doubt I'll ever see any. The plant supposedly grows pretty slow. Still with it's blue color and gold spines the plant is stunning even out of flower.
     Another B&B purchase, I liked the blue color, spination and interesting ribbing. The plant is about 44 inches tall and 4 inches thick. It will be a garden planting in spring. Geoff Stein, a fellow member of the Davesgarden.com gardening forums allows me to use his pictures on the site. Thanks Geoff :-) Below is a pic Geoff took in Pasadena. Also check out a gallery of some of his best pics in the Galleries/Friends section.

A closer view of the pristine
growth at the top

A closeup of the
beautiful gold spination

A nice group in a garden
in Pasadena, by Geoff Stein
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