The Beauty of New Growth

New growth on a
Pachycereus schottii in June

     Aside from flowers there are other signs that a cactus or succulent is happy and growing. New growth spines can often be brilliantly colored along with the new growth itself. Note the magnificent chocolate color of the Gymnocalycium hosseii or the purple of Aztekium ritteri. New offsets, paddles and arms can be pristine and beautifully colored as well. The Cereus hildmannianus monstrose was cut back to a stump last fall, the new arms it's produced are a gorgeous blue grey. And you have to love the tiny new red heads on my Mammillaria "Fred".

I'll be adding more pictures to this gallery so check back from time to time for more.

Aztekium ritteri03.jpg
Aztekium ritteri
Aztekium ritteri04.jpg
Aztekium ritteri
Cereus hildmannianus monstrose2.jpg
Cereus hildmannianus monstrose
Echinocereus reichenbachii.jpg
Echinocereus reichenbachii
Euphorbia ammak variegata.jpg
Euphorbia ammak variegata
Ferocactus gracilis.jpg
Ferocactus gracilis
Gasteria 'Little Warty'.jpg
Gasteria 'Little Warty'
Grusonia invicta01.jpg
Grusonia invicta
Grusonia invicta02.jpg
Grusonia invicta
Gymnocalycium hossei.jpg
Gymnocalycium hossei
Mammillaria bocosana 'Fred'.jpg
Mammillaria bocosana 'Fred'
Mammillaria geminispina.jpg
Mammillaria geminispina
Matucana madisonorium.jpg
Matucana madisonorium
Monadenium giletii.jpg
Monadenium giletii
Monadenium ritchiei03.jpg
Monadenium ritchiei
Mytillocactus geometrizans.jpg
Mytillocactus geometrizans
Opuntia gosseliniana01.jpg
Opuntia gosseliniana
Opuntia gosseliniana02.jpg
Opuntia gosseliniana
Opuntia microdasys rufida.jpg
Opuntia microdasys rufida
Opuntia monocantha variegata.jpg
Opuntia monocantha variegata
Pachycereus schottii.jpg
Pachycereus schottii
Polaskia chichipe.jpg
Polaskia chichipe
Sansevieria pinguicula03.jpg
Sansevieria pinguicula
Schwantesia borcherdsii02.jpg
Schwantesia borcherdsii
Senecio stapeliaformis.jpg
Senecio stapeliaformis
Tephrocactus alexanderi.jpg
Tephrocactus alexanderi
Tephrocactus articulatus var papyracanthus07.jpg
Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus
Unknown ephiphyte.jpg
Unknown ephiphytic cactus
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