Macro Photography

Uebelmannia pectinifera.jpg

Looking as though it's made of tiny rubies or cobalts, the epidermis of Uebelmannia pectinifera

     A few years after I bought my digital camera I bought a macro lens kit for it. It opened up a whole other world for me. A world of textures, patterns and things I can't see plainly with my naked eyes. To be able to discern the texture of a flower petal, see that some patterns are actually embossed on a leaf, or actually make out the structure of some finely spined cacti like Mammillaria theresae or Mammillaria luethyii. WOW!!!!!!
     Some of my finest photos are macro shots. And I'm sharing some of the best ones here. You'll find additional macro shots in the Spination Gallery.

Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus.jpg
An Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus about a nickels width across
Astrophytum myriostygma columnare 'minima'.jpg
Astrophytum myriostygma columnare 'minima', heads about the size of a pencil eraser
Astrophytum myriostygma quadricostatum 'Onzuka'.jpg
A single felty areole of an Astrophytum myriostygma quadricostatum 'Onzuka'
Astrophytum myriostygma 'Haku-un'.jpg
Two tiny offsets coming out of a the stump of a de-grafted Astrophytum myriostygma 'Haku-un'
Astrophytum myriostygma 'Lotus Land'.jpg
A small offset of an Astrophytum myriostygma 'Lotus Land'
Astrophytum ornatum seedlings.jpg
Astrophytum ornatum seedlings no larger than a pinhead
A tiny flower bud at the tip of an 1/8" thick stem of Avonia meyeri
Aztekium ritteri.jpg
New growth and tiny toothlike spines on an Aztekium ritteri
Carnegia gigantea.jpg
New growth at the tip of a small "Saguaro" (Carnegia gigantea)
Crassula lycopoides.jpg
The marvelously sculpted stems of Crassulla lycopoides
Crassulla 'Pagoda'.jpg
The alsmost clothlike texture of a Crassulla 'Pagoda'
Crassulla rupestris variegata.jpg
Color and texture of a Crassulla rupestris variegata
Dorstenia 'Taba' gorge03.jpg
The bizzare crystal like flower of a Dorstenia
Close up of an Echeveria flower
An even closer view of another Echeveria flower
Echinopsis 'Haku jo'.jpg
Pinky sized offsets of an Echinopsis 'Haku jo'
Eriosyce napina.jpg
A tiny rooted offset of Eriosyce napina
Eriosyce odieri.jpg
Closeup of a half dollar sized Eriosyce odieri
Euphorbia obesa.jpg
The color and patterning of a Euphorbia obesa
Euphorbia obesa2.jpg
A tiny Euphorbia obesa seedling
Euphorbia rossii.jpg
The tiny flowers of Euphorbia rossii
Fenestraria rhopalophylla.jpg
Closeup of the translucent stems of Fenestraria rhopalophylla (Baby Toes)
Gasteria 'Little Warty'.jpg
A view of the reason for naming this Gasteria Cultivar 'Little Warty'
A view of the growing tip of a Hoodia macrantha
Huernia schneiderana.jpg
The texture of a Huernia schneiderana flower
Huernia thurettii.jpg
A close as you can get to a Huernia thurettii flower
Huernia zebrina.jpg
A view of the corolla of a Huernia zebrina flower
Kalanchoe luciae.jpg
The tiny white flowers and buds of a Kalanchoe luciae "Flapjack Plant"
Kalanchoe milotti02.jpg
Furry texture of a Kalanchoe milotti leaf
Lapidaria margaretae.jpg
A high res closeup of a Lapidaria margaretae flower
Mammillaria theresae.jpg
One of the tiniest of cactus, Mammillaria theresae
Melocactus matanzanus.jpg
Fruits popping on a Melocactus matanzanus
Melocactus matanzanus2.jpg
Melocactus matanzanus flowers, about 1/4 inch across
Melocactus seedlings.jpg
Melocactus matanzanus seedlings, no larger than a pin head
The felty flecked texture of a Nananthus aloiodes leaf
Orbea variegata.jpg
A view inside an Orbea variegata flower
Orbeanthus hardyi03.jpg
A tiny flower bud forming on an Orbeanthus hardyi
Schwantesia borcherdsii.jpg
Another high res Mesemb closeup, Schwantesia borcherdsii
The warty blue green leaves of Titanopsis calcareae
Trichodiadema densum.jpg
Spine like projections of Trichodiadema densum leaves
All images and text are copyright 2006-7 D.S. Franges, unless otherwise noted.