Kathi Soria

An Echinopsis "Volcanic Sunset" in Kathi's garden

     Kathi makes her home in Goodyear, Arizona and you might say she's a very special sort of cactus gardener. I know Kathi from the Davesgarden.com forums where she calls herself "Kaktus Kathi". Kathi is special, in that unlike most of us who raise these plants for pleasure, she sells them locally and the proceeds go to a charity called "Christmas Smiles". I asked Kathi to tell me something about it and here is what she had to say:
     "Christmas Smiles is a local charity with ALL proceeds going to needy children. We began in the early seventies restoring used toys and delivering them to children of migrant farm workers in the Phoenix area. In 2005, we delivered gifts to 140 Head Start children and 36 children in individual families. We support this endeavor with proceeds from our cactus sales and donations from the public. One Saturday in December is dedicated to wrapping with help from nurses of Hospis of the Valley, Southwest Hispanic Culture Association, local Realtors and Title Companies. Santa delivers on Christmas Eve to each child individually with the help of the wrapping crew."
      And so with her green thumb and selfless devotion, she and Christmas Smiles brightens the lives of dozens of needy children each year. You can contact Kathi at this number if you would like more information or wish to enquire about the next cactus sale. 602-403-1575 Or if you would like to make a donation you may mail it to: Christmas Smiles, 2084 N. 133rd Circle, Goodyear, AZ 85338

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below.

Agave flowers01.jpg
Agave flowers01
Agave flowers02.jpg
Agave flowers02
Agave flowers03.jpg
Agave flowers03
Cactus flower buds.jpg
Cactus flower buds
Cactus Pollen.jpg
Cactus Pollen
Cereus peruvianus monstrose.jpg
Cereus hildmannianus monstrose
Cholla flower.jpg
Cylindropuntia fulgida v. mammillata
Echinopsis blooms.jpg
Echinopsis blooms
Echinopsis bud.jpg
Echinopsis bud
Echinopsis Volcanic Sunset01.jpg
Echinopsis Volcanic Sunset01
Echinopsis Volcanic Sunset02.jpg
Echinopsis Volcanic Sunset02
Euphorbia pseudocactus flowers.jpg
Euphorbia pseudocactus flowers
Ferocactus wislizenii.jpg
Ferocactus wislizenii
Huernia schnederiana.jpg
Huernia schnederiana
Kalanchoe flowers.jpg
Kalanchoe flowers
Myrtillocactus crest.jpg
Myrtillocactus geometrizans crest
Opuntia flower.jpg
Opuntia paraguayensis
Pachypodium flowers01.jpg
Pachypodium flowers01
Pachypodium flowers02.jpg
Pachypodium flowers02
Potulacarea afra variegata.jpg
Potulacarea afra variegata
Saguaro flowers01.jpg
Saguaro flowers01
Saguaro flowers02.jpg
Saguaro flowers02
Stapelia gigantea01.jpg
Stapelia gigantea01
Stapelia gigantea02.jpg
Stapelia gigantea02
Tephrocactus articulatus flowers.jpg
Tephrocactus articulatus flowers
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