Mammillaria theresea in Flower

My Cacti and Succulent Gardening and Collection in Tucson, Arizona

     Welcome! I initially envisioned this as a way to share my gardens and love of cacti and succulents with family and friends back east. Originally it was going to be put on a CD rom I could send each of them but it soon grew too large. I have over 500 varieties of cacti and succulents either in the ground or in pots around the property. With thousands of pictures of the plants including flowers and fruit. It would have taken 3 CD roms!
     So in 2005, with my limited abilities in HTML, I decided to put it on the Internet where it is available to everyone. It is a labor of love still in progress and may never be complete. Click a Thumbnail below to start your journey through the magical world of Cacti and Succulents. I do hope you will enjoy the trip.
David S. Franges


Walk through my gardens
and see what I have done


Pictures of the greenhouse
I built in fall of 2005


My plant collection
past and present


New! Pictures of flowers, spines,
macro shots, crests and monsters,
"The beauty of new growth",
and a section of galleries of
magnificent pictures from friends.


A categorized list of
Cacti and Succulent sites.
Picture sites, informational sites,
on-line nurseries, botanical gardens etc.


Trips to Nurseries,
Botanical Gardens, Shows etc.
A great place to see what these plants
can look like mature and grown well.

All images and text are copyright 2005 to the present, D.S. Franges, unless otherwise noted.

     A note about Copyright. I take my own pictures and as the photographer, by law, the copyright is mine. These photographs may not be republished in any form without my written consent. Where text is concerned, especially my write ups on various genera and species of plants, I have done my utmost to protect the copyrights of others. I read all I can about a genera or species then write from memory. In this way I hope to not quote anyone directly. If however anyones feels I have violated their copyright please contact me here so I can re-word it to your satisfaction.
     Also, several individuals have allowed me to use their photographs. For this I am grateful. Where this occurs, their copyright will be acknowledged and the same applies. If someone would like the right to reproduce/publish those pictures, e-mail me at the link above and I will put you in touch with the photographer.

Thank you, David S. Franges